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The strength of the brand, won the enterprises certainly trust!

blob.pngTen years focus,Service thousands of well-known companies,Industry experience;

blob.pngPolyurethane production for many years,Experienced strength;

blob.pngCompany covers an area of 100 acres, with nearly 100 employees,Strong technology research and development strength

blob.pngCompanies focus on user experience and product development,Get a number of patents and research and development results。

Strength brand

Advanced testing equipment

With advanced production technology, advanced testing equipment!

blob.pngAdvanced polyurethane production line and technology,High degree of automation, high technology content;

blob.pngThe company has a quality inspection center,Equipped with the world's advanced testing equipment

blob.pngCompany product range,More to meet customer needs.

Professional service team, has your exclusive after-sale protection!

blob.pngFull program service - sale, sale, after sale;Patient listening to user needs;

blob.pngWith efficient and professional sales team

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公司简介Suzhou Jiahua polyurethane products Co., Ltd. located in China Polyurethane cluster birthplace -- the Yangtze River Delta, research, production and sales in one of the private high-tech enterprises. Is a domestic production capacity of polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane roller manufacturers. The company was founded in April 11, 2002. Existing production equipment: Polyurethane stick plate production line 1, more than 10 tons of Nissan, rods, plates, PU wheel production line, Nissan PU wheel more than 10000, centrifugal forming machine 6, production of polyurethane sheet 1m x 4m, 1.2m x 3m, 1.2m * 4.95M, 1.5m * 4.95M, thickness, hardness are according to customer needs for adjustment, pressure vulcanizing machine 5 sets, for the customer processing all kinds of complex shaped, strict requirement for the size, requiring high grade products. Have independent injection molding workshop, mold workshop, according to customers need to develop and design……

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Why is there a problem in the construction of cold storage insulation?

1, construction control is not strict, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision issued by the "cold storage design and construction standards" has been a single "cold storage of air separation and moisture," a section. " ...


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Suzhou Jiahua polyurethane products Co. Ltd.

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